Choosing Grey

It has been two years since I stopped colouring my hair. Two years of choosing to embrace my grey. I have gone from letting my grey hair grow in to chopping my hair into a very short pixie to letting my hair grow back long. 

Why did I let my hair go completely grey? For me, it was about being natural. I never liked the fake hair colour. It is also less expensive and more earth-friendly. I found this article which gives 10 Reasons to Go Gray. It's perfect! 

Revolution Gray has lots of good stuff to read about embracing the grey. 

Since I combined my two old blogs with this one, you can see my "transformation" posts here.

I wrote about my experience last year along with a few photos. I find my words from that post are still very true:

Not colouring my hair is liberating. It isn't what most people are comfortable with. I have had people tell me that I am too young to let my natural grey come through. Others tell me that they could never do it. 

I have had a year to think about all this. For me, it seems similar to homeschooling. I have heard these type of comments in response to the idea of homeschooling. "I could never do it" and "why would you want to?" ... these types of comments/questions are pretty common. 

Comparing homeschooling with colouring your hair seems odd, but really, it's all about personal choice, isn't it? 

Doing what feels right for yourself and your family. 


We are so fortunate to be able to have a choice. 

It is still about choice so much! At 41 years old, I feel very comfortable choosing what I want for myself. It might be an important choice like homeschooling or a more trivial one like letting my hair stay natural. Either way, it is all about choice. 

November 2012 on the left, November 2013 on the right.


  1. Testing. I posted a comment, but I don't know what happened to it!

  2. You look great! I agree, it's about personal choice. I'm starting to notice a lot more grey in my hair these days (I'm 32). DH would like me to keep it natural (His mom dyed her hair for years), but I'm not so sure (thinking about highlights next summer to disguise it for a while, anyway). In the end, I'll have to make the choice, and I hope I'm at least a little bit this graceful and natural about it. :)

  3. Beautiful beautiful beautiful! Look look beautiful!

  4. Your har is a beautiful grey. I completely believe all of the things you said here and in the pervious post.
    I have never colored and at 40 have a whole lot of grey that I am actually lovin' right now.


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