Make & Listen :: 34

Another Thursday, another post for Make & Listen, my 34th! 

This past week, I didn't have a lot of time to create and make things. I did finish the homemade gifts on my to-do list that need to be shipped. 

The tote bag I finished last week and the new glasses pouch are ready to go. I also made an ipod and headphones pouch. I was given specific measurements for these. The ipod pouch also has velcro to keep it securely closed. 

I loosely followed these tutorials: 

for the tote bag: friendship bag tutorial
for the glasses pouch: stitched sunglasses case
for the ipod/headphones pouch: ipod/camera cozy tutorial 

I decided to take a little break from sewing and work on my Project Life album. It's been a long time, since the summer, since I picked it up! 

I ran out of printed photos. I love working with Project Life because it is quick and I like the look of it too. There is minimal amount of fussing required compared to scrapbooking. I sent my digital photos to be printed and will now be able to finish the year 2012 soon! I only started last July and decided to start with our move to the island.  You can see all my posts related to Project Life here. 

I worked a little bit on my cross stitch. I took this photo tonight so the lighting isn't the greatest. I am hoping to finish this Gingerbread Lane soon! I changed the design a little bit, changing one of the gingerbread man for a snowman. 

We have been listening to some holiday music, just a little. 

I am linking to Simple Things Notebook for the weekly make & listen. 


  1. Love the fabric on the eyeglass case! I am planning on doing some major scrapbooking in the next two weeks...thanks for getting my enthusiasm up with your pages.


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