Snowy Trail

Late Sunday afternoon before the darkness took over, my son and I went for a short walk along the trail near our house. We took our dog along too. The snow had fallen most of the day and was covering everything. 

I like to always take a look at the water by the bridge (top photo). My son asked me why I do this every time, since it is a few more steps away from the start of the trail. I just simply like to see the water. I also like to see the private lane near the river, in the photo above. 

The trail is very close to our house and we use it often. I find it is beautiful in every season. 

I find seeing how nature changes in each season fascinating. Maybe it is because I didn't get to experience the four seasons where I grew up as I get to now. Seeing the branches covered in snow like icing sugar and the red berries so bright against the white and green. It's all beautiful! 

Barb at Handbook of Nature Study blog included in her newsletter's challenge grid to "experience the extraordinary in the ordinary". I think this post shows the extraordinary of winter, snow, and the beauty of nature. Something that many may find ordinary, but I don't. 

I am linking this post to the Outdoor Hour Challenge Carnival. 

Recently, I started a board on Pinterest for my love of nature. It is different from my homeschool nature study one, this one is more for pure enjoyment. 

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  1. I agree. I did not grow up in the changing seasons so I don't find it ordinary at all. A wonderful walk!

  2. I love it when the snow makes everything look so clean. I think taking the time to experience the ordinary in nature is becoming more rare these days. It seems strange to think that what was ordinary life when we were children (spending hours outside every day) is extraordinary for our children's generation.

  3. Amazing scenery on your snowy trail. Thanks so much for sharing your entry with the OHC Blog CArnival.


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