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Week three already! This week's prompt was to add an envelope to our journals. It could be any kind of envelope: from junk mail, bill, or friendly letter. 

I decided to use an envelope from one of the bills that came this week. I cut it a bit, added some embroidery doodling and regular doodling. The little birds were from a cupcake flag. 

I went searching in my letters box for something to use underneath the envelope. I used an old customs form for a package my mom had sent me and part of an old envelope too. 

My mother and I have written letters to each other for the last 24 years, ever since I moved to Canada! I also have a few letters she had sent to me when I went to summer camp. 

Mail has always been very important to me. It is a way I keep connecting with my mother and my best friend in France, as well as friends. 

Check out all the details for this week's challenge here: Week Three Challenge: Art to the 5th. 


  1. Oh, I love real letters! It has been a few years since I've received one (or sent one, either!). What a lovely thing to do with your mother.

  2. Love the doodle stitching... and that you have years of correspondence by mail. So wonderful!

  3. I haven't finished my page yet...thanks for the wonderful example in your page this week. I love old letters...treasures!

  4. I just looked at The Documented Life Project site and as a stationary lover, was very excited by the idea! Too late for 2014 - will look into doing my own thing (I already journal, so that's a good start) but maybe for 2015. Must get some supplies - washi tape and watercolor pencils and paper to start!


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