Make & Listen

 The last two weeks have been busy with getting back to routine for our homeschool, but I found little pockets of time to do some making. 

I have been wanting to make a little pouch for a while now and finally tried the tutorial Dawn mentioned earlier this month. The directions for this lined zipper pouch were great and the pouch turned out cute. I do want to make some different ones with a more boxy look. 

I made a snack mat, which is like a small placemat, for a friend. She loves blue, especially navy blue, just like me. I had fun finding the tiny pieces of fabrics in my scraps and putting it together. I am not as happy about the binding I chose, but the pop of colour makes me think of the stars and moon on a dark blue night sky... I used more scraps for the back of it too. 

One of my placemats is now complete, four to go. These are for everyday for my family and I wanted them colourful. I made them reversible. 

Lastly, I started working on the year long sampler from The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery. The theme this year is Once Upon a Time. January shows Snow White with two of her dwarf friends. This cross-stitch is going to be adorable! 

The border is really cute too. I am about half way through stitching it. 

Celeste and I have been listening to soundtracks. I discovered that by searching titles of movies with the word soundtrack attached to them on youtube, I can often find playlists filled with songs from a particular movie. I minimize the window and we enjoy listening for hours! In particular, this week we listened to Oz, the Great and Powerful soundtrack and Amelie soundtrack.

I am linking to Dawn's weekly Make & Listen on her Simple Things Notebook blog. 


  1. Yay for pouches! Yours turned out great. They are so easy, I am addicted!
    All of your other sewing and stitching has tuned out so cute. Love the placemats. Making them reversible is an awesome idea,
    Thanks for joining in again this week!

  2. Love those placemats! You are impressively industrious. :)

  3. What a great idea - I love those placemats! It makes me feel better to know there are a handful of us at least that are trying to find time in-between the homeschooling schedule to create!

    Your cross stitching is so lovely and I love the fairy-tale theme! ;) Can't wait to see it all finished, but I will enjoy seeing it come together!


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