Our Front Door ~ The Documented Life Project

The very first prompt for the Documented Life Project was given to us a few days ago. 

I drew our front door as best as I could and coloured it with watercolour pencils, then with a wet brush went over everything. The kids and I have enjoyed working with the watercolour pencils over the years, they are great to use instead of paint for some projects. 

I used some of the quotes I had been collecting on my Pinterest board for a double page in the agenda that I knew I wouldn't use. I made a collage background and then copied some of my favourite quotes on pieces of paper. I glued them and also used bits of washi tape (I love the washi tape!). 

I also included my word for the year Shine and a Love Life card from the Project Life box. 

This project has been fun so far, I work on it a little bit at a time and put some music on too. I haven't played music for myself in a long time, my kids are usually the ones playing theirs! 

Check out this page for all the details on the Documented Life Project


  1. Your watercolor turned out great.
    Watercolor pencils are so awesome. Love them here too.
    I do love your word for this year and the collage looks so neat in your book.

  2. Looks great! What did you use for your notebook?


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