Shine ~ My Word for 2014

Happy New Year! 2014 is here!!

This is my third year choosing a word to focus on over the whole year. In 2012, adventure was my word and it was a huge adventure-filled year. In 2013, I had picked love because I felt the need to show love and receive love too. 

I started thinking about my word a couple of weeks ago. The first word that came to mind was patience. I didn't keep the word as my main focus, but because it popped up in my mind so quickly, I will keep in mind to work on patience. To have patience for others and also for myself. 

Shine is the word that felt completely right and fell in my mind through a friend. I saw her self portrait with the words "shine on" at the bottom of it and just knew that SHINE will be my new word. 

The closer we get to being who we are meant to be...the brighter we shine. 
Shine to me means to be my best, to sparkle, to shine. To always choose to shine, but also to encourage others to shine by putting the light on them. Shining on my children, my husband, my family and friends. 

"As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same." - Nelson Mandela

I thought too that in order to shine, one has to go through some "polishing". Each year, I feel more confident and closer to being truly and openly myself. Everything that happens and has happened in the past built who I am today, the good and bad.   

It's a choice, once again, to shine despite everything else or because of everything else. To stay positive and shine. 
I started collecting inspirational quotes on a new Pinterest board. I like the visual reminders. Having these on a board and being able to add to it will be very helpful. 

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Do you choose a word to focus on each year?


  1. Great word for 2014! I might borrow your idea of creating a pinterest board for it! (my word is balance)

  2. Great idea. Thanks for the inspiration!


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