Doodle Border ~ Documented Life Project

This past week didn't inspired me as much as the previous I am not liking this layout as much. Still the process was relaxing, adding the doodles, the flowers, the words to represent the week. Adding washi tape was fun too! 

I added the big black hearts on the photo with picmonkey to hide some details I wanted to keep private, and I like them! 

Five weeks already with my journal, I really am loving it! I use it everyday and the time I spend adding art and making it unique is great art therapy. 

Check out all the past weeks prompts at Documented Life Project.


  1. I just added a few stickers to my planner; you are inspiring me to add some doodling as well. So fun!

  2. I finished my fifth page too. My border is much simpler and more "me". I decided that the journal wasn't necessarily as pretty as those I've seen (like yours) but it is telling my story. I started my sixth page and is a little out of my comfort zone but I'm sure by the end I will like it. I am enjoying this project, thanks for the introduction. :)


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