North River Walk

I took a short walk along the North River this afternoon. It is still cold here in Charlottetown but with the sun shining like today, we can bundle up and enjoy a bit of the outdoors. It's better than the blizzard weather we had not that long ago. 

I originally wanted to drive to the beach, but decided instead to stay in town. There is a little trail along the North River. I started at Queen Elizabeth Park. 

Some footprints looked like they were going to the other side of the river. I didn't follow them, instead I went along the shore. 

I didn't stay very long, but still it was very enjoyable. A little sunshine and fresh air is always great. 


  1. Whew! Looks cold out there but beautiful! We too, have had some nice walks all bundled up. Loving the snow, too.

  2. how beautiful. I love that you get out and about, even when there is snow! Good to see you at the end of this post!


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