Outdoor Ice Skating in Charlottetown

Inspired by a post on twitter early in the morning, I looked up the locations of the outdoor skating rinks in Charlottetown and discovered one right in our neighborhood! 
  We walked to the rink. It's about a 20 minutes walk from our house. Just as we arrived the tractor/zamboni showed up to clear the rink; then the water truck to flood it again. The water froze quickly and we started skating. We had the whole rink to ourselves. 

See the grass under the ice in the photo above? I thought that was neat.

I apologize for the poor quality of the photos. I took them with my ipod touch. I was also skating so no lugging around my "good camera"! 

Walking home through the woods. Now that we know about this outdoor rink, we will be using it as much as possible, weather permitting. If you are in Charlottetown, check the locations for all outdoor rinks here.


  1. this is so awesome and the fact you skated with them even better. You are such an inspiring and awesome mama.

    Love your friend


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