Poetry Tea Time ♥ Valentine

Yesterday, we had a poetry tea time with Valentine's themed poetry and treats, celebrating Valentine's Day a little bit early.

Celeste and I had found a Valentine's poetry book at the library. I read a few sweet ones aloud, along with our usual selection from our collection. The "Love at Sea" by J. Patrick Lewis was a funny poem (click on the photo to enlarge it): 

I usually read a picture book or two after the poems. Today, I read Cranberry Valentine. 

Our friends also brought poems to share and a picture book. 

Now, the treats! We baked two new-to-us recipes. First one was Raspberry White Chocolate Muffins. Delicious taste but they didn't seem to work out with muffin liners. I took them out of the liners, sliced them in half, and they looked much better. Problem solved!

We also tried Raspberry Cream Chocolate Cookies. These were delicious and fun to make. The recipe is from Weelicious. You can find it here. 

Another lovely poetry tea time! 

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