Quilty Stitches ~ Once Upon a Time Sampler

A few days ago I noticed in my Instagram feed an adorable small cross-stitch project that looked like a quilt block. I found out from Nicole Young (lillyellasworld) that it was a free pattern done by Little Miss Shabby. Every week I think, she gives a new block for the Quilty Stitches. The pattern comes without colour so that you can print it, colour it whatever colour you choose, and then stitch it! 

Quilt blocks and cross-stitch? How could I say no, plus I already had the Aida 14 fabric and most of the colours suggested. The ones I don't have, I will substitute with a different colour. The colours are only suggestions like I mentioned before, so I might do completely different ones. 

Here is the link to all the blocks, introduction/supplies and thread colours posts: Quilty Stitches. 

February is here and that means a new block for the Once Upon a Time Sampler by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery! Last month was Snow White, this month is the Princess and the Frog! Very cute and I started working on it this week. 

Since I'm linking this post to the weekly Make & Listen hosted by Dawn, I wanted to share my mixed media girl one more time...because I really like her and had a lot of fun making this page. 


  1. You have such talent! I adore your girl and what it says "it was her time to shine" SOOOO GOOD! so good. I love all the energy you have, to teach your children, to cook healthy meals, to spend quality time, to create. Just love these things and so much more about you. I'm catching up. Wait a minute. I just noticed you use blog lovin. I'm signing up now so I can get updates as you post! I wonder why I had not noticed that before? now I won't miss much. Love you...Tracie


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