The Great Backyard Bird Count

We participated for the fifth year in the Great Backyard Bird Count. This is a great citizen science activity to participate in.

On Friday and Sunday, we counted birds in our own backyard for about 25 minutes each day. 

We then submitted our counts online. We also checked some of the other entries from Prince Edward Island on the site. Our backyard doesn't see a lot of variety of birds in the winter. We don't have any bird feeders set up. 

Here are all the birds we reported over the two days:

16 American Crows
12 Herring Seagulls
22 European Starlings (in the photos below). 

If you are interested, you can see our Great Backyard Bird Count posts from previous years: 

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  1. This was our first year to participate, and we really enjoyed it! We had a huge flock of starlings land in our yard, too. We also saw a bird we've never seen before: a brown-headed cowbird. It must have known the backyard bird count was on. :)

  2. This is such a great idea and every year I say we are going to participate and every year we don't. :0

    If we got more of a variety of birds I think I would but it's mostly just european starlings and a few jays. But, this year, for the first time, we have morning doves! Oh how lovely! Is it too late to participate? :)

    1. It isn't too late to participate I think, check the website!!

  3. I always like reading everyone's list of different than ours. Can I include this in the OHC Blog carnival?


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