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With the Partnership Writing program from Brave Writer, there is a suggested routine for each season. I have this copied and stuck to my bulletin board above my computer. We follow it loosely and I add a habit as we go along. Poetry tea time was the first we adopted. Copywork and Literary Elements from Arrow were next. I am trying to make Wednesdays Word Games day now. We have played some word games before, but the trick is to make it into a routine. We just discovered Rory's Story Cubes and I think they were the "push" we needed. Celeste loves these and Andre too. 

The Story Cubes are a simple idea but so fun to play with! There are 9 dice, we split them evenly between the three of us. We took turns, rolling a dice on each turn. One person started the story or first decided on a theme ("Our worst nightmare" was one theme we did). Each person looks at the image that is face up and adds to the story. I love seeing their imagination and story-telling abilities! I think they add fun listening to mine too...

Celeste practically begged to play this again and again! We will be looking at the other sets soon. I noticed there is an app too, but for now we prefer the dice. 

After our rounds of story cubes, I pulled out the other word games we have enjoyed to share with you. Celeste grabbed the Usborne Word Puzzles cards right away. These are fun for her to do by herself or with me. We usually do a few at one time. 

Another favourite at our house is Bananagrams. This is one Celeste likes to play too, even if she is unsure of her spelling. She comes up with words when seeing the letters she has and confirms the spelling with me or who she is playing with. She won't play Scrabble yet, but she likes Bananagrams. 

Let me know if you have a favourite word game, we could always add to our collection! 

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  1. Thanks for sharing the word puzzles! Those would be great for our road trip!
    I like the idea of setting a day aside.
    I hope to start up poetry tea time after we move. I am looking forward to getting a good routine going again once we get settled.


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