Icy Trees

The island had another winter storm last night and this morning we had a mixture of rain and icy rain. I noticed the beautiful ice covered trees in our backyard and grabbed my camera. 

Just yesterday, I was taking photos of the "fuzzies" on our linden tree. 

This morning, they were covered in ice. Still beautiful to look at. 

An ice storm isn't fun, especially if you have to drive somewhere but it is beautiful and shows nature in a different way. I am fortunate to be a stay at home mom and I can enjoy this weather safely. Public schools were closed today on the island, including the college and university. 

I went out a little later and the ice looked a little different again. 

The entire tree trunks were covered in ice too. The tree below is the maple tree. 

A view of our backyard. The weather alerts for Charlottetown were for snow, blowing snow, ice pellets and freezing rain today. Winter isn't over on the island! 

I will be linking this post to the Outdoor Hour Carnival hosted by the Handbook of Nature Study blog. 


  1. It was very pretty in the sun today, too!

  2. Beautiful but cold...not a problem if you can stay indoors and take photos to share. :)


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