Journey North Mystery Class :: Weeks 8 + 9

We are now caught up with all the data given for the Journey North Mystery Class. With only two weeks worth of clues left, this will be my last update post since it is somewhat a competition and I wouldn't want to give away answers. I am hoping we are correct so far with our guesses. 

I apologize for the mistake I made in my photo in the last update. I had switched East and West by mistake while working on the photo in picmonkey! 

Here are our guesses so far for the locations of the 10 mystery classes:

#1 - China 
#2 - Australia 
#3 - Democratic Republic of Congo
#4 - Belgium
#5 - Philippines 
#6 - Antarctica
#7 - United States of America 
#8 - Brazil 
#9 - New Zealand
#10 - China 

I will post again once the deadline for submitting answers is past, but before the results are given out! 

If you would like to find out more about this activity, visit Journey North Mystery Class.