American Robin & Blue Jays ~ Backyard Birds

I was busy doing the dishes Sunday afternoon. There is a small window above my sink and I noticed birds flying around, I looked a little more and saw a robin sitting on the branch of my neighbour's tree. This is the first robin I have clearly seen this year. I quickly stopped doing the dishes (they can wait!) and grabbed my camera. I switched to my longer lens and went back to the window. The robin was still there! 

It looked really fluffy, all puffed up to brave the cold weather. It was lightly snowing that afternoon. 

I did a little research and found out about the Journey North American Robin citizen scientist activity. I submitted my sighting and check out more information. There is a nice pdf printable booklet "What do robins eat in the wintertime?".  I learned that robins shiver to make body heat and they also fluff their feathers to help stay warm. I also learned that robins don't eat seeds, they can't digest them and their beaks can't crack them. They eat fruits, worms, caterpillars, and other invertebrates. 

While I watched the robin and took photos, I noticed other birds flying around. There were the usual crows and seagulls, and also four blue jays! I am not sure if the blue jays stay here year round, but I haven't seen any until now. 

The blue jays were flying from tree to tree, and also to the top of our shed. They were looking for food. They eat nuts and seeds, as well as fruits and invertebrates. 

It was nice watching these birds flying around our backyard. The blue jays were more difficult to take photos of since they never stayed still long. 

The dishes were still there waiting for me when I finished watching and playing with my camera...

I will be linking this post to the Outdoor Hour Challenge Carnival hosted by the Handbook of Nature Study blog. 


  1. Yes, Blue Jays do stay year-round. There are always a lot of them around here. I've seen a few robins in the last couple of weeks, too. This week must be cold for them, though, poor things.

  2. I am the same way when a new bird catches my to the window with the binoculars and field guide! Thanks for sharing your awesome images!


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