Window Nature Study :: March

Another month of nature study and it is still winter here on the island. Last week, we had a winter storm that gave us snow, ice, and rain over the period of a few hours. This resulted in ice covering pretty much everything, including the trees. The following day was very sunny and the trees looked like they were covered in glass, or crystals as my daughter told me. 

We looked at the linden tree in our front yard a lot that day, and went outside to see the ice closer so I have several photos to share and a quick video. 

It was beautiful to see but we are all hoping that next month's window nature study shows a little bit of spring. 

I am linking this post to the Outdoor Hour Challenge Carnival hosted by the Handbook of Nature Study blog. 


  1. I really like your window nature studies <3

  2. Still looks cold and wintery there! Thank for continuing your window nature study and sharing it with the OHC Carnival.


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