Signs of Spring ~ Crocuses

With a few sunny days and some warmer temperatures, we are starting to believe that spring is truly arriving, finally, on Prince Edward Island! 

One sign of spring are the crocuses in our front garden that have come up. There is still a lot of snow to melt, but it did melt in this small area and we noticed the beautiful purple flowers yesterday afternoon. It was exciting to see! 

The Handbook of Nature Study says:

"The crocus, like the snowdrop, cannot wait for the snow to be off the ground before it pushes up its gay blossoms, and it has thus earned the gratitude of those who are winter weary."

We are definitely grateful for this early sign of spring! 

Celeste and I are hoping our tulips will bloom again this year. We will be watching closely, and likely sharing our excitement with you...

I am linking this post to the Outdoor Hour Challenge Carnival, even if we are a month late for the signs of springs prompt. Nature is different everywhere! 


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