The Insomniacs - Summer Birds - Sophie Scott Goes South :: Book Sharing Monday

This week, we read some great books from our local library! Here are three we wanted to share with you. 

Celeste and I both loved Karina Wolf's debut book The Insomniacs. The art by the Brothers Hilts first prompted me to pick up the book, but the story of the Insomniac family was magical too! Celeste has re-read the book several times. 

The Insomniac family moves to a new home twelve time zones away. The adjustment is a little difficult and they decide to do things differently. They discover the beauty of the world at night. 

"And after work, they moonbathed and watched the fishes nipping at the surface of the sea. They went to the flower market and to the bakery, where the dough rose with the sun." 

We also enjoyed two other stories that are both based on true events. 

Summer Birds: The Butterflies of Maria Merian by Margarita Engle with pictures by Julie Paschkis is the story of a young girl in the Middle Ages who took the time to observe insects. At that time in history, it was believed that insects were born from mud. She didn't believe that and secretly studied caterpillars and "summer birds". Summer birds was the medieval name for butterflies and moths. 

"I have to catch my insects in secret. Neighbours would accuse me of witchcraft if they knew. Everyone says insects are evil, but I know my summer birds are beautiful and harmless." 

We searched and read more of her story, as well as looked at her beautiful and detailed art: 

Maria Sybilla Merian's image of the stages of an Emperor Moth:Metamorphosis Insectorum Surinamensis, Plate XI.

Sophie Scott Goes South by Australian author Alison Lester was another book based on true events. Alison Lester shares her own journey to the Antarctic on an icebreaker. 

The story, set up like a journal,  follows Sophie who is nine years old and accompanies her dad, the icebreaker captain, on a voyage to a station in the Antarctic. The book is filled with drawings and photographs. 

If you would like to join in Book Sharing Monday, join in at anytime by sharing books on your blog and let me know by leaving a comment! Thank you and happy reading!