30 Day Vegan Workshop Review + More Oh She Glows

I am only on day 11 of the 30 day vegan workshop but already I have learned a lot, along with making delicious food in the kitchen and feeling great. 

My family is usually willing to try the foods I make, and I am happy with that. I am reminding myself often that this is mostly for me. I am alone in the choice to follow a vegan food diet for all meals. My family is eating the vegan dinners I cook, while the rest of their meals include dairy and meat products (besides my teen daughter who is vegetarian). 

The 30 day vegan workshop by Heather at beauty that moves has been much more than I expected, in a surprisingly wonderful way. I thought it would be about only food, but it is so much more. Heather is talking about a whole way of living, from organizing your kitchen to being gentle on yourself. I am learning a lot, and printing each day's lessons, reading them, and saving them to re-read again. I know many of the days I will need to read several times to let the words and thoughts sink in. 

This workshop is much more like a retreat. 

Still, the food has been the centre of the attention! I have made many new to us dishes and some new version of favourites, like the quinoa tabouli. 

I quickly realized that the recipes in the 30 day vegan workshop were a little too "vegan" for my family. I started mixing some of the workshop recipes with some of the recipes from the Oh She Glows cookbook. 

Meal planning is very important and Heather (30 day vegan workshop) includes great tips about it. Being prepared and organized really helps with making sure we choose the right foods. 

Here is a list of what I have made in the last 10 days. Many of the recipes are only available in the workshop or in the cookbook, so I can't share them with you unfortunately (I have linked the ones that were online). 

from the 30 day vegan workshop:

- mango Lassi smoothie
- clean & fresh quinoa tabouli 
- broccoli noodles with thai peanut sauce
- big green salad with quinoa tabouli leftover
- hearty minestrone
- quinoa & black bean chili 
- samosa stuffed pitas 
- mixed greens with creamy herb dressing

from oh she glows cookbook: 

- lentil walnut loaf with balsamic apple glaze
- cauliflower mashed potatoes
- easy mushroom gravy
- crispy peanut butter chocolate cookies
- fudgy mocha pudding cake

You can see more reviews of the recipes I tried from oh she glows here and here. 


  1. I was so tempted to take this course, this time around, but didn't. Now that I've seen your post, I wish I had! Oh well. I am glad you are enjoying it. The recipes sound amazing!


  2. Your vegan challenge is so inspiring. I love checking out your instagram feed for your most recent culinary creations. They all look so delicious!

  3. So happy you like the class, Alex! I felt the same way about it. So much more than a cooking class!

  4. All your pictures look delicious! I could eat quinoa tabbouli every day. You are lucky to have an adventurous family...mine would not be so brave. :) But maybe they would surprise me if I expected more of them.


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