More Happy Days

I have been participating in the 100 days of happy challenge, sharing my photos on Instagram, and through my personal Facebook and Twitter. Today is the 75th day for me!

The challenge has been a good boost to my days, helping me to keep in mind and notice which moment I should choose to be my "happy". I am noticing a pattern, which doesn't surprise me. What makes me happy are simple: my family, nature, and feeding my family and myself healthy foods. I do wish my two teens would "let" me take photos of them but I don't push too much...

Hooping has come back in our lives lately and that definitely makes us and me happy. 

The mosaics are not in date order and I might be missing a couple of photos from importing them onto my computer. 

You can see more photos from the first 35 days of the challenge here.  If you are on Instagram, you can find me at lifeonisland, I tag all my photos for this challenge with the hashtag "lifeonislandhappydays":