Avonlea ~ The Village of Anne of Green Gables

Last Thursday, Celeste and I met with four other homeschool families and visited Avonlea Village for the day. Avonlea Village is the village of Anne of Green Gables, filled with homes, shops, activities to do, and shows to watch!

Arriving at Avonlea 

It was still foggy when we arrived at 10 o'clock
We both enjoyed ourselves very much. The characters of Anne of Green Gables are wonderful to interact with and always stay in character. I had a conversation with Moody about weather forecasting. Mrs Lynde asked Celeste how far we came from to visit and how long of a buggy ride it was from Charlottetown! 

I took many photos (as usual!) and wanted to share some of our favourite moments with you. If you live on Prince Edward Island and hold a valid driver's license, I encourage you to visit this month as it is free admission until June 30th. Otherwise, check the official website for all the details. It's a wonderful place to visit to get the full Anne experience! 

The first show we watched was Anne's first day of school. It was a lot of fun to watch, especially the scene with Anne and Gilbert! 

This little village has several shops and one restaurant "Moo-Moo" which specializes in grilled cheese sandwiches.  We enjoyed walking around and visiting all the places. 

One of our top favourites was the the Avonlea Dress Up House. There were many costumes to try on, various sizes, and so many hats! I think Celeste and I could have spent hours in there. 

One of the houses had many hands-on parts. Celeste loved the writing desk and phone. 

Mike Pendergast entertained us, twice that day! He is a great musician and we all had a great time singing along with him in the fishing shanty. 

Another show we watched was Anne's tea party. It started with Mrs Lynde giving us a lesson in proper tea party etiquette. Celeste was one of the chosen children and I think loved every minute of that! We then watched the scene with Anne and Diana, and the unfortunate mix up of the raspberry cordial and wine...The show finished with Matthew giving Anne a beautiful dress, with puffed sleeves! 

After a wagon ride around Avonlea, we visited the barn and farm animal fields. This was a very relaxing part of the village. 

These photos with Anne interacting with the calves are some of my favourite from our day.  

Another highlight of the day for Celeste was trying Tommy's bicycle, a penny-farthing (I had to look up what it was called!). It was almost the end of the day and we had Avonlea almost to ourselves! She learned how to ride this particular bike and went around the village with it. So fun! 

At the end of our day at Avonlea, we watched the pigs races and the school show. Both were a great way to end our day. 

Anne and Gilbert at the pigs races

It was a beautiful day spent with Anne of Green Gables and her friends in Avonlea! I didn't share photos with our friends' children but all through the day, Anne and all the characters interacted with them so much, dancing, singing, and talking. It was very sweet to see.