Planning our 2014-2015 Homeschool Year

Celeste is continuing her homeschool adventure with me and entering grade five. This upcoming homeschool year will be my ninth year and Celeste will be the only one at home again with me. Our older two children are attending grades 10 and 12 respectively at the local senior high school. 

I have been planning Celeste's next school year for the last couple of months. Most of the choices I made for Celeste's curriculum are the same as this past year. 

I am keeping the upcoming year simple, without adding too many extra subjects or projects. Keeping it simple also means there will be more time for Celeste to follow her own projects. I am re-reading the awesome Project Based Homeschooling book by Lori Pickert and my notes from her Master Class. If you haven't yet, I highly recommend her book and her master class! 

Here is the plan:

Math: Teaching Textbooks 5 

This has been a perfect fit for Celeste. We are continuing on with this curriculum. 

Language arts: Brave Writer

We loved our past year with Brave Writer and plan on using it again this year. 

This past year was our first year using Arrow and we thoroughly enjoyed this program! We have already picked up most of the titles we will be studying. Check out the list and more about this language arts program here. 

For writing, I will read the Writer's Jungle again over this summer and prepare our year ahead; using ideas and exercises from the Writer's Jungle and from the Partnership Writing. 
We will follow the routine suggested in Partnership Writing, as we have loosely this past year.

Science: R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey Biology 

Another curriculum that has worked very well for Celeste so we are moving on to the second level. She had studied the first level of biology in grade 1. 

History: History Odyssey Middle Ages  

Same as with science, this curriculum from Pandia Press has been a favourite in our homeschool. Celeste loved studying Ancient times, I am hoping she enjoys studying this time period too. We will be studying 

The history and science both have long "try before you buy it" samples, if you are interested. 

Geography: Wee Folk Art USA State Studies

When I discovered this free study, I thought Celeste and I would enjoy learning about the United States. We have studied Canada in the past, and will again but this year the USA will be the focus. Wee Folk Art has put together an interesting study filled with great books, art projects, recipes, picture study, and more! 

Nature Study

We will continue to do informal nature study. This is best described as enjoying nature, spending time in nature, observing what we see, identifying or researching in order to identify once we get back home, and recording (through Project Noah app, my blog, or journal page). I use the Nature Connection book a a guideline for each month's focus as well as the Handbook of Nature Study blog newsletters and posts for inspiration too. 

Art and Art Appreciation: 

Art (and art appreciation) will be part of the USA State Studies as well as History. Celeste enjoys exploring art, especially painting, on her own as well. I prefer this approach than an actual curriculum. 


Honestly, being from France myself, I am ashamed that my children are not bilingual like me. I have no excuses besides not being able to find a curriculum that works for us. I don't need a program like Rosetta Stone and get very picky with the pronunciation of some other programs. I have tried using a textbook as a guide in the past but we found it very dry and boring. I am still searching for something that will fit. Celeste's interest in learning French comes and goes as well...I recently discovered Frenglish Learning blog from another Canadian Mom and hoping that might help. 


I wanted to add this to our plan because it is an important part of our days. Celeste enjoys riding her bike but this activity isn't easy to continue year round. I enjoy walking every day and plan on encouraging her to accompany me consistently. To help along, I will be picking up a fit meter for our wii fit u game. This is a fun way to keep track of our mileage. 
Hooping and fun dance wii u games will also be part of our routine. Fun fitness is key! 

Life skills:

Celeste loves to help me with cooking and keeping the house in order, so I will continue on teaching her and giving her more opportunities for her to do these things independently. 

There you go, the plans for our upcoming homeschool year. I think it is important to make a plan, but also to stay flexible throughout the year. In the past, we have dropped things or added some, as needed. That is one big advantage of home education! 

You can read more of my planning posts over the years here: Homeschool Planning. 

Updated August 13, 2014: I am linking this post to the iHomeschool Network 6th Annual "Not" Back-to-School Blog Hop! There are many participants, over 500 so far, check it out here!! I will try to write posts for the other categories soon. 


  1. thank you so much, alex! it looks like you and celeste are going to have an awesome year! :)

  2. I love reading about your plans. Have you ever tried DuoLingo for French? It is an app for the computer or ipad/iphone. It is certainly not a comprehensive French program, but my girls have had fun using DuoLingo to practice their French.


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