Sailing on the Confederation, Northumberland Ferry

Celeste and I went on a homeschool field trip yesterday on the Northumberland Ferry with three other families. The small group was perfect as we were able to spend time with the captain learning about operating the ferry. 

As we approached the ferry at Wood Islands, the hull was just starting to open to let out the trucks and cars coming from Caribou, Nova Scotia. We were able to watch the process. 

We were amazed how many trucks and cars fit in this ferry! This ferry is a double-ended ferry, which means it doesn't have to turn around at the terminals. 

View from inside the ferry, as we were leaving Wood Islands. 

Shortly after leaving, we were able to go visit the bridge and learn about the ferry from the captain. 

Fire Control Plan, seen in the stairway on our way up to the top.

The captain was very patient with all the kids. He let each one try on his hat and look through his binoculars. Questions were answered and we had lots of time to enjoy the view from the top. 

Views from the bridge and instruments of navigation

75 minutes after leaving Wood Islands in PEI, we arrived at Caribou in Nova Scotia. The hull lifted up again and everyone got off, besides us! See the line up of new cars and trucks waiting to board? 

On the way back to PEI, we were able to roam around the ship freely. The kids had a lot of fun together. The parents enjoyed the view and the company. Here are some of my favourite photos. 

We all went out on deck together to see the red shores of our island home. 

It was a great homeschool field trip and taking the ferry was lovely. I can see why many prefer it than taking the bridge. It is a very enjoyable relaxing way to get to Prince Edward Island. 


  1. I would love to visit your PEI someday...perhaps on the ferry. :)

  2. This was such a fun field trip for us, too. My blog post today is very similar to yours. :)


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