Weeks 23, 24, 25 ~ Documented Life Project

Last few weeks of the documented life project. I am still loving this project so much. My son asked me if I would be continuing on with this next year. I am hoping the lovelies at Art to the 5th do! I love having the prompts each week to encourage me to play with art. 

Week 25: Cover your page in hearts. 

I searched Pinterest for some inspiration. I knew I wanted to cut hearts of different sizes and add them to a page. 

I found this youtube video so inspiring. I don't have the mixed media products/tools but I still did a few of the steps like hers. I started with blue acrylic paint, then smudged a little gold acrylic paint in spots with my fingers. I watered the paint brush and did some big strokes all over once the blue and gold were dried. I cut my hearts and glued them on. I then took a regular pencil (no charcoal) and outlined the hearts thick. I used my fingers to do a little shading and then erased the paper hearts of some of the shading. I outlined the edges of the page with the pencil too. Last step was adding little silver heart stamps. Here is the finished page: 

Week 24: Use book text. 

Trying to find a book that I didn't mind taking a page from was the hardest part for this! I need to pick up a book from the thrift store just for this type of project. 

I took a page from one of the novels I have already read, the acknowledgements section. I had pinned a cute little girl drawing and chose to reproduce that. 

Week 23: Practice gratitude: write what you are grateful for each day this week. 

Each night, I wrote on the top of each day what I was grateful for as the prompt said. I am glad I did it then because I didn't get to work on this page until this week. I made a list with sharpie pen and added some smash notes. I then coloured with watercolour pencils all over. I used a lightly wet brush to blend everything in. 

All the prompts for the Documented Life Project are here, if you would like to participate.