Noodlehead's Super Tote ~ Sewing Project

The Super Tote pattern from Noodlehead was a nice challenge for me to work on over the past few days. I have noticed that I am more comfortable sewing "freestyle" than following specific instructions; so I am trying to challenge myself with patterns. 

There are a couple of things I left out of this first bag, the piping and the outside front pocket. I know I will be making this super tote again. 

I added simple straight line quilting on the front and back. Overall, the pattern is wonderful and the bag is great. My lack of experience with reading patterns is the only thing that slowed me down! 

I used two different fabrics for the outside main pieces. I wanted a fun inside fabric, which my husband didn't understand one bit! I found the fox fabric and the polka dot perfect. I really like these pockets. 

The other part I like is the recessed zipper. All my other tote bags are open, so this will be a useful feature. I used a cute teapot fabric my friend gave me for my birthday for the zipper pulls.

A mosaic from my instagram feed during the project. Celeste already has asked me to maker her a bag..

The super tote pattern can be found at Noodlehead's pattern shop.  I am wanting to make a sidekick tote now too! She also has a lot of tutorials for all kinds of sewing projects.