Our Homeschool Room

With the new school starting in only a few weeks, I thought I would share our homeschool space with you. We don't have a specific room and never have had one in the last three homes we have lived in since we started homeschooling. Besides for extra storage, I wouldn't want one! 

We enjoy homeschooling in the family room, the kitchen, the backyard, and also other places like the public library! 

The majority of our time is spent in our family room. I took a few photos and added labels to show you around.

I hope you enjoy this little tour!

Our desks and favourite reading aloud spot. Orion was in the mood to pose today...

We have three bookcases in this room. I use them to store our current curriculum, resources, and books. I organize the books by subjects to make it easier to find them. 

Our poetry book collection is growing and I might need to move things around again! I have found some great poetry collections at local thrift stores, perfect for our poetry tea time.

Homeschoolers love books, right?! 

Here is another bookcase and our library basket. It doesn't have many books right now, but during the school year it is always full! I am using a smaller basket for our USA States Study books and guide I printed from Wee Folk Art

The last bookcase is next to the couch. The bottom part has two big fabric baskets which hold our card games and art supplies. This summer, I removed our coffee table from this room. We prefer the open feel, and now there is no need to move that table out of the way when we are dancing! 

This is the bottom of the bookcase, which has supplies for art, science, and all the card games and small games the coffee table drawers used to hold. 

The printer is in the kitchen area, as well as our tea collection for our poetry tea time (both very important!). Celeste was making herself a smoothie this morning. 

We also use the kitchen table a lot, for science experiments, art projects, and other hands-on projects. 

Lastly, the backyard is a great place for close-to-home nature study! I am so grateful to have mature trees for us to study and see change through the seasons. 

Our homeschool space is small but cozy and perfect for the two of us!

I am sharing this post and linking to the 6th annual "not" back to school blog hop hosted by iHomeschool Network. Many homeschool rooms to see there, if you are interested!


  1. Thank you for the tour. It all looks so organized! And I love the energizing colours on the walls. We do a library basket, too. It always seems to be a bit too full. :)

  2. Nice! We homeschool too. I am really liking your organization!!


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