A Step Back in Time at Orwell Corner Historic Village

A group of twenty homeschool families met at Orwell Corner Historic Village for a field trip last Thursday. It was a gorgeous sunny autumn day and we all had a wonderful experience stepping back in time!

Orwell Corner Historic Village presents life in a small rural Prince Edward Island community in 1895. 

There were several buildings in the village to explore and we were guided on three different tours. We also watched the blacksmith make a hook, made candles, and went on a wagon ride around the village. 

The village and surroundings were so peaceful and picturesque! We started our tour with the farm. With the small rolling hills and wood fences, I thought it was the most peaceful spot of the whole village. 

The farm had several different animals, geese, rabbits, chickens, sheep, pigs, goats, and horses. A few barn cats were roaming around too.

The geese and the chickens welcomed us and were quite noisy! 

We went inside the barn to see the rest of the farm animals. This farm had a small animal barn, a horse barn, and a chicken coop. 

We visited Clarke's Store and House next. This was Celeste's favourite building. The front store had many artifacts on display. We were explained many of the items and their uses. 

At the back of the store, there was a small room that acted as the post office. The rest of the house was also connected to the store. 

The kitchen must have been a busy place in this house. The stove was large and grabbed our attention! 

The dining room was set up and ready for a lovely dinner. 

We were invited to visit the upstairs. There was a large loom that we were told was made on the island and over 200 years old. 

The nursery was sweet too!

After Clarke's Store and House, we walked to the Schoolhouse. On the way, we stopped by the water pump. The well below it is 100 ft deep and still pumps water. 

A wagon ride came next for us, with two beautiful Canadian (the name of the breed) horses pulling us along. I was the last to climb on and ended up sitting next to the driver! It was a lovely ride through Orwell. 

One of our last stops was at the blacksmith. He explained the process to us and made a hook while we watched which he then gave to one of the moms. 

The entire day was so lovely. Everyone enjoyed stepping back in time. We all had a picnic lunch beneath the tall trees near the schoolhouse. Children ran around, climbed trees, and played together whenever they weren't on the tours. Moms talked together and watched the children. 

If you are interested in visiting Orwell Corner Historic Village, the village will be open until November 1st this year. Check out more detailed information at Orwell Corner site. 


  1. I remember taking our grandchildren there about 11 years ago when they were 4 and 6. They loved pumping water from the pump, being the teacher in the school, and preaching from the pulpit at the church. The six year old boy manned the bellows at the blacksmith shop for the longest time while the blacksmith pounded some iron. They were fascinated by the whole experience.


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