Almost NaNoWriMo Time ~ Getting Ready

We have been getting ready for NaNoWriMo, well mostly me! Celeste keeps telling me that she knows what she will write about, that she has her story all ready. Good for her! 

I wish I had that kind of confidence right now. I did send my novel I wrote in 2008 to the local print centre and might do a sequel...or do something entirely new. 

Looking back at previous blog posts I wrote about NaNoWriMo reminded me of the challenge. 

There are a few posts on my old blog Canadian Home Learning under the NaNoWriMo label.   

Adrienne and Andre participated twice and both won in 2010. I won twice (2008 and 2010), and participated 3 times. 

I also wrote about Celeste's experience with it two years ago. She wasn't ready then and I learned a lot from that experience. 

Here is how I get ready for this writing challenge:

* Think of a story plot and some characters 

* Write the daily word count goal on my board. Having a certain amount of words each day really helped me before in writing 50, 000 words in one month

* Get resources ready, thesaurus, dictionary, writing guides and inspiration

* Lots of TEA! 

* Notebooks to take along when I am out of the house, to keep writing in or jot down ideas

I honestly don't know how this year will turn out but I am excited to be participating again, and even more having Celeste with me! 

Both the NaNoWriMo site and the Young Writers Program are filled with support and resources to help writers. 


  1. I tried a couple of years ago and ultimately failed. :( Not entirely brilliant at this writing thing. Hubby is going to give it a go and who knows, I may tag along and at least attempt to write MORE on a daily basis. We'll see, I definitely don't have a story already planned in my head. I checked out some story starters and those are helpful. So who knows? All the best to you and Celeste--I'd love to read whatever you come up with! :)


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