Autumn Family Hike & Geocaching

On Thanksgiving Monday, our family visited Port La Joye-Fort Amherst National Historic Site to do a little geocaching together. We visited her two years ago, I wrote about it here

This time, the weather was perfect and we found 14 caches. There were a few we couldn't find, but that happens and it is ok, we can come back again if we want! 

My oldest daughter is usually the one navigating us since she is the most comfortable with using the GPS. She was teaching her dad how to use it and he took over for one of the caches. I love when my kids are the ones teaching us! 

It is not often, lately, that we are ALL out doing something together. I am glad I insisted on everyone to come along. Sometimes, someone has to be the organizer and the "pusher"! Teenagers often don't want to tag along on "family outings" but once there, my teens enjoyed themselves. 

Logging our information on the cache log

Geocaching seems to be an activity that includes everyone in our family. 

We have gone on so many nature hikes over the years that my teens don't often get enthusiastic if I ask them to come along, but if I ask to go geocaching, it is better received. They packed their own snacks and drinks too, one advantage of having older kids!

I wrote about geocaching before here and here. It's like a treasure hunt. We always have a lot of fun trying to find all the locations. 

This time, we went "off-trail" quite a bit! It was exciting at times, especially when we found ourselves trying to pass through a thick patch of evergreens! Mostly, we walked through fields...

Running free!
While looking for the caches, we enjoyed the beautiful views of Charlottetown from this spot, the sailboats floating by, the colourful flowers and mushrooms, and caterpillars! 

Charlottetown in the distance 

Walking along the shore
A quiet moment for Celeste

We spent about four hours geocaching that afternoon. It was perfect!

Prince Edward Island is beautiful in the fall, and if you are interested there are many caches to find. Check the Geocaching site for the map (under the play menu). 

Beautiful autumn colours!