Briliiant Prince Edward Island Sunset

I have a dream that one day, we will live in the hills of Prince Edward Island or near the ocean. Close enough to the ocean that we will be able to see a clear unobstructed view of the sunset or sunrise. 

Until then, I will stand in the middle of the street (safely) or walk up our street to get a little clearer view of these brilliant sunsets and sunrises.

Last night, the sky was orange! My oldest daughter noticed it first and pointed out to me. I quickly grabbed my iPod to snap a photo but it didn't capture it as well as I had hoped, so I ran  back inside to grab my "real" camera. I can always count on her (yes I think my DSLR is a girl). 

All three photos are straight from my camera, unaltered. I thought there was no need to make them more bright or sharper. 


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