Documented Life Project ~ Weeks 38, 39. 40

I finally found some time this week to get caught up with my documented life project pages! 

Here are the three I worked on. I really liked how two turned out, but one not so much. Still, I added it to my journal...

My favourite week was week 39, the splatter and drip prompt. The process was so fun with this! The freedom of just dripping paint was great. I saw this quote on splatter page on pinterest that I loved so I added it to my page. 

The second page I enjoyed working on was week 38. The prompt asked to draw, doodle, sketch a feather. I think my feathers look more like leaves, but I like them anyway! 

Week 40's prompt was to use three colours we never use. For me that would be brown, red, and beige. I don't mind these colours but I rarely use them in my art journal pages. I worked on a background and added a simple message that is important during this busy time for me. I feel like I could do more with this page but can't seem to be inspired at this time, so it will stay like this for now! I do like the rough look of this page. 

Check out this page for all the prompts, and if you would like to see my previous pages click here.