Friday Link ♥

My favourite links and videos this week. I am hoping to make this a weekly thing, sharing what my kids and/or I have enjoyed over the week online. 

♥ Celeste is back to studying earth and space. I found this video of time lapse footage of earth seen from the International Space Station. I have not shown it to her yet, but I know she will love it! It is so cool to see our home planet this way.

♥ I attended David Suzuki's Blue Dot Tour on September 29 in Summerside and loved the whole evening. It was very inspiring and motivating. One of my favourite parts was listening to poet Shane Koyczan share his poem "Shoulders" that he wrote especially for this tour. I was so glad to find it online this past week, and now I can share it with you. There is one swear word at 1:29 minute, just in case you have little ears near you...

If you live in Canada and are interested, the Blue Dot Tour is still happening all over the country, so check this page for more details. 

♥ One last video. This one my 17 year old shared with me. We were talking about Sir Ken Robinson's Do schools kill creativity TED talk (if you haven't seen it, you should, here). Anyway, she told me about this one. Well worth listening to, he is right on. 

Fall is here and I have a few seasonal links to share with you: 

♥ This collection of autumn quotes seen on Flourish would be wonderful for copywork or as a friend mentioned to use in our art journals. 

♥ This cool Halloween craft: GIANT Kirigami spider webs! We are going to make these very soon to decorate for Halloween. So fun looking! 

♥ A must activity while the beautiful fall colours are here: wax fall leaves.

♥ One more autumn poem , an acrostic one seen on Pinterest.  

What have you come across lately that inspired you or that you simply enjoyed?