Friday Link ♥

It's Friday! Time to share some of the favourite sites, videos, and other internet world finds we came across and loved this week with you.

♥ Last week, I attended the "Make Your Fantasy Homeschool a Reality" webinar hosted by Julie Bogart from Brave Writer. It was inspiring and I think other homeschool parents should watch it! I took two pages of notes while listening and will watch it again now that is on Vimeo! I am so glad the video also includes the questions & answers part at the end. 

Make Your Fantasy Homeschool a Reality from Julie Bogart on Vimeo.

♥ With all the Ebola talks, my teens and I were interested in finding out exactly what Ebola is so we went to Khan Academy for answers:

Understanding the Ebola virus outbreak: Dr. Rishi Desai is a pediatric infectious disease physician and former epidemiologist with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

♥ A local homeschool mom mentioned the Crash Course YouTube channel. Celeste and I checked it out and we have been watching the World History series of videos this week. We both love them. They also have videos on literature, science and psychology.

Here is one on Ancient Egypt: 

♥ Halloween is coming soon and there are a few fun science experiments to make with candy popping up on the internet! We are planning on making the Frankenworms and the Dissolving Candy Pumpkins experiments. 

♥ "This Book Was a Tree" is a lovely book I found sitting on the new books library shelf. It is filled with nature activities ideas and reminders to slow down. I haven't read it completely yet, but already love it. Check out Marcie Chambers Cuff website for more info. 

♥ Excited to know that the Documented Life Project will continue in 2015! If you want to join, it's FREE. Check it out at the Art to the 5th.

That's all for today, have a great Friday!