Red Fox at Blockhouse Lighthouse

After leaving Fort Amherst (see post here), we took a red dirt road to see the Blockhouse Lighthouse and try to find one more geocache. 

As soon as we pulled up near the lighthouse, my husband noticed the fox in the grass. We all slowly got out of the car and tried to see him better. The fox (I say him but really don't know if it was male or female!) was not afraid of us and was very calm. I took many photos. He didn't seem to mind the click click of the shutter...

We noticed after getting over the excitement of the interaction how his coat was changing for the winter. You can see the white coming through his coat halfway through his body on the following photo.

He came very close to us. The next photo is a bit blurry but shows how close he was to me. I didn't zoom in at all.  

Foxes are a common sight on Prince Edward Island, even in Charlottetown, still this was a beautiful encounter. 

We tried to find the geocache but couldn't find it near the Blockhouse Lighthouse. According to the government of PEI: 

"Established in 1851, located on the west side of the entrance to Charlottetown Harbour, this lighthouse is a centure old and basically as it was when built. It is the second oldest lighthouse on the shores of Prince Edward Island"

Celeste wished she could go inside this lighthouse but it is not open to visitors.