Simplicity Saturday

Sand and Sky Creations, a friend and fellow PEI blogger, is challenging us to find the joy and beauty in the simple things of life. 

I am all for enjoying simple pleasures, the simpler the better. I have shared simple things on my instagram with the hashtag #simplepleasures before because I truly believe in stopping and realizing what little things brings us pleasure and a smile. 

I am gladly joining in and will do my best to keep posting every Saturday. If you join, I would love to see your Simplicity Saturday, so leave a comment with a link. I am guessing that Sand and Sky Creations would like to see what brings you joy too, so drop her a line as well if you have time! 

The photo today is of the progress with my documented journal page. Working on these art journal pages always brings me happiness. It's a simple thing, to pick up a paintbrush and some colourful paint, draw a shape, and fill it in. It's relaxing and brings me joy. 


  1. A wonderful idea.
    Those leaves are so great. Love the sweet ties at the bottom.

  2. wow! i really love the colors ♥ ♥


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