Documented Life Project ~ Week 47

The prompt this week was to add a map of our town, state, or country. 

I chose to use part of my favourite Charlottetown map, drawn by Lori Joy Smith. She is a lovely friend and hopefully won't mind my doodling and painting over her map...

It is a little difficult to see on the photo, but I added some glitter to some areas. I added some acrylic paint and little doodles with pencil. I also cut and moved the boats and compass rose from another part of the map and added them on this cut out section. 

I will try over the next couple of weeks to make a mosaic of all my pages for this year's documented life project. It has been such a wonderful creative outlet for me! 

Check out all the details for the 2015 Documented Life Project. Let me know if you are planning on participating!