Weekly Homeschool Report + Friday Link ♥

This past week, we had our first snow day on the island! All schools were closed. My teens were home and we did not follow our regular routine, instead we decorated our tree and relaxed. My husband worked and our oldest also went in to work in the evening. 

The rest of the week was very nice. We even had one gorgeous day with really warm sunny weather! It was 15 degrees Celsius I think. We took advantage of it and spent time in our garden. I cleaned up the rest of it, while Celeste played with her ribbon. I am glad we did because the next evening the snow storm arrived! 

We visited new friends and brought along our microscope with several nature treasures we collected over the years to look at closely. It was a great time, the kids and us moms loved looking through the microscope. Science with friends is great! 

In our homeschool routine this week:

Celeste continued her math lessons, her spelling, and she also wrote more for her NaNoWriMo project. Lots of reading too, Celeste likes to read all different types of books. 

In science, we are now studying the stars. We had switched our curriculum to Elemental Science and we are both enjoying it so far. There is a fair amount of writing involved, but Celeste is slowly adapting to it. 

In geography, we finished our study of New York state by reading The Queen of the Falls by Chris Van Allsburg. The true story of Annie Edson Taylor was very interesting and we both really enjoyed the book. Check the links below for a short video with the author. 

In history, we read about Joan of Arc and also about the Feudal System.

We started a new study, which I will write a separate post about. It is for the Canadian Citizenship Challenge. 

We finished our homeschool week with art history. We learned about Rubens and looked at a few of his paintings. One in particular "Peace and War" was explained in detail in the Usborne Introduction to Art, which I am using as one of our texts. All the possible hidden messages are fascinating. 

Here are a few favourite links and videos from this week: 

December Reflections 2014 from Susannah Conway. A month long of prompts to be creative with our cameras, to pay attention to what is around us. This will be a personal project for December. I will likely share my photos on Instagram (lifeonisland) but might do a weekly post here too. 

♥ I love book lists. This one lists the Best Children's Books of 2014.

Peace and War by Rubens

♥ Celeste and I love this video: 

♥ Author Chris Van Allsburg speaks about his book "Queen of the Falls": 

Have a great weekend!