Canadian Citizenship Challenge ~ A Great Activity for Homeschoolers

The Canadian Citizenship Challenge is an invitation to all Canadians to take a mock citizenship test in English or French. The challenge is hosted by Historica Canada, which is an organization dedicated to Canadian history, identity, and citizenship. You can find the challenge at . 

The Citizenship Challenge has a deadline of January 31,2015. There are prizes to be won! Check all the details about the Group Grand Prize, the Individual Grand Prizes, and the Great Canadian Prizes at "What Can I Win?" 

Before taking the mock citizenship test, we can prepare by studying Canadian history, democracy and culture using resources from Historica Canada and from the Citizenship and Immigration Canada. 

This is a great challenge for everyone, including homeschoolers. 

I spent some time looking through all the resources available and then ordered paper copies of some of the lesson plans and two study guides. They took about ten days to arrive. 

All the educational resources created by Historica Canada can be downloaded for free, in English or French. There are lessons plans and worksheets available. I found everything to be very well organized. The lesson plans include different ideas for different levels of students, as well as lists of other resources to use with the activities suggested. 

The Discover Canada study guide is the same guide that is used by people applying for Canadian citizenship. It is a thorough guide with beautiful photos. If you look at the photo below, you can see the contents listed. 

Celeste and I have registered as a class on the Citizenship Challenge site. We also have started studying. We are have covered the first two units so far: the Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship and the Who We Are units. 

Using some of the activities from the lesson plans and the worksheets provided really helped further our reading of the guide, encouraged some discussions and questions, and solidified what we learned. 

We are both learning a lot about Canada. I was born a Canadian citizen but I grew up in France and so did not learn about Canadian government, history, or culture. 

If you are Canadian and interested in the Citizenship Challenge, be sure to visit Citizenship Challenge soon! 

Cool Graphic from the Citizenship Challenge

I was contacted by the program coordinator at Historica Canada who informed me of this challenge and its potential benefits to homeschoolers.  I did not receive any compensation to write this review. This post reflects my own opinion and desire to share information with others.