Documented Life Journal ~ Week 50

Week 50 prompt was "to pick a fantasy vacation spot and create a packing list. Money is NO object".  

I have not been "back home" since my son was almost two years old, he will be turning sixteen in it has been a very long time. I grew up in France and Monaco. I moved to Canada when I was 18. My true home is Canada now and has been for many years. But at times I miss France terribly and wish money was no object so I could take my husband and three children there. 

I did not include a packing list. I really couldn't care less what I brought in a suitcase, as long as I have a pair of jeans, a nice shirt, my camera and my ipod touch. Of course, if money is no object, I can shop in France for new clothes and shoes!

What I did write instead is my fantasy itinerary. I could have written a lot more but ran out of place. I could have added a lot more about all the food I miss and must have and must share with my family and friends, the places I want to see again that I remember from my childhood, all the friends I want to see again (thanks to the internet and facebook for being able to keep in touch with several childhood friends!), etc...

Anyway, I painted the french flag as a background with watercolour. I added a map from my new 2015 journal that my bestie Rachel sent me from France. I will use it for the 2015 Documented Life Project. So exciting! 

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