Documented Life Project ~ Weeks 48 & 49

I can't believe the year is almost over! The Documented Life Project has been a wonderful creative outlet for me. Only a handful of weeks left, and then we will start 2015! 

Here are the last two weeks I completed.

Week 49's prompt was to trace your hand. I painted a rainbow watercolour background, then traced my hand with charcoal pencil. I added a few key words including shine, my word for the year. I had sprinkled a little salt on the wet paint and also smeared a bit of the pencil to give it a bit of a dirty look.

Week 48's prompt was to depict gratitude in a creative way. I didn't feel very creative that week, so I did a blue watercolour background with a darker frame, added a snowflake stamp and a little glitter, then added boxes with my gratitudes for that week. I had kept track of them for each day in the journal. 

You can see all the details for the 2015 Documented Life Project here.