Final Week ~ Documented Life Project

My very last week of this year's documented life project! I am so glad this project will happen again in 2015 because I would miss it terribly if it didn't. 

The way I used my journal, I only had room for one more page, even though there were two more prompts from Art to the 5th. I chose to use the "draw or collage something that begins with the first letter of your first name."

I could not decide between Adventure or Art so I used both words on a background of acrylic paint, messy with several colours and lots of doodling. I also used a charcoal pencil to outline some of the doodling and the words. This year has been full of art adventures so it's fitting..

If you would like to see 50 of my weekly pages, there are all here in one post. Last week's is here. 


  1. You AMAZE me! I think it's incredible how you have made this journal. It is all too intimidating for me so I will live vicariously through you! Off to view all of your pages! :)


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