Homeschooling with the Internet: A Yearly Membership Review is an Internet-based membership curriculum, a division of the Old Schoolhouse Magazine and has over 100 courses to choose from. It is a like a treasure chest filled with courses offered from preschool to high school level! There are also courses available for families and parents. 

I am excited to be a member of the 2015 Schoolhouse Review Crew and I was given a full yearly membership for review. I only received this a couple of weeks ago so it's a new site to me but WOW! There is SO much here! Review

In reviewing the site, one main feature of this membership that I thought was excellent was that the courses are not live, which means students are able to start at any time, go at their own pace and schedule. 

The second benefit is that the membership covers the entire site, there are no per class prices. Your membership allows you to take as many classes as you wish, and it is good for your entire family. 

Currently, there is a special sale on membership until Christmas Day 11:59 pm E.T: 40% off the monthly membership (US $7.77 per month) or 50% the yearly membership (US $64.26). Homeschool families that purchase the yearly membership will keep that rate as long as they keep renewing every year. I believe the yearly membership is the best value. Review

Courses offered vary in length, some last a few weeks and others the entire school year or more. New classes, subjects, and teachers are added all the time, and membership allows full access to archived classes. 

Some classes include videos which can be very useful in courses like Guitar and Voice. 

To give you an idea of what is offered, here is a list of subjects offered. 

  • Art/Drama
  • Computer/Technology
  • Electives (which has many interesting classes like sewing, architecture, economics, nature, family fitness and many more!)
  • Foreign Language (sign language, French, Hebrew, ESL, Spanish)
  • History, Geography, and Social Studies
  • Math
  • Music/Voice
  • Reading, Writing, Spelling
  • Science/Nutrition
  • Special Needs
  • Just for Parents
  • Extra Resources for Members

The Schoolhouse Dailies is an amazing resource on its own, on top of all the subjects offered at! There are so many options here. Here is a screenshot of what is offered:

For example, the Daily Puzzlers are a great way to practice vocabulary and spelling, as well as critical thinking in a fun way. The worksheet tells us to grab a bag of letters (we can use our Bananagrams letters or Scrabble ones) and choose the ones for that day. There is a list of clues and we need to figure out the word using those letters. Each clue adds one more letter. 

Another interesting one, especially for us as Canadians, is the Everyday Explorers: Canada! This is a great study to do as a family. Each month, we study a new province. The study is broken down into weekly units and then into daily lessons. There are worksheets and notebook pages, as well as the lessons filled with information and sometimes Internet links. I checked out the Prince Edward Island unit, and it was very well put together! 

In the resources section I found interesting articles, but also lots of great resources such as downloadable copywork books, monthly menus with recipes, 5 different Schoolhouse planners and more. The membership also gives access to the Old Schoolhouse Magazine, including the current issue, back issues. 

There is so much on that a homeschool family could use it as their main curriculum or pick specific subjects that interest them. The Dailies would be a great addition. 

Celeste and I chose several subjects that we will be trying out in the new year. One of them is a sewing course. We can't wait to make some historical costumes. The lessons include photographs, sewing instructions (sometimes videos), and history as well. 

As a mom, I found the resources section is helpful and the courses for families offer interesting educational activities. The website and membership can be accessed on Apple or android tables so that you can take learning on the go, as long as you have Internet access, and anywhere in the world! 

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  1. It's amazing how much there is there. The resources you gravitated to are ones that I didn't even notice yet! I'll have to check out the Everyday Explorers Canada study soon.


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