My 2014 Documented Art Project Journal

The Documented Life Project has been such a wonderful project for me this year. I have photographed every page and made these mosaics. The only weeks missing are the last two of the year. Doing these little pages of art brought a lot of peaceful calm moments and happiness in the middle of my days throughout the whole year. 

Visit the 2015 Documented Life Project for next year's project, if you are interested.

All my documented life project pages can be found here


  1. They look so fabulous laid out like this ...... Very inspiring

  2. That's so wonderful, Alexandra! :)

  3. You pages looks great. DLP has been ace hasn't it.

  4. These are so wonderful. What an amazing journey!

  5. You are such a great artist! Plus just a super amazing woman. This is wonderful. I really love the ones with drawn people.

    Love your friend


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