Celeste's 2014 Reading Goal

I am SO PROUD of Celeste. 

Last year, in January, Celeste gave herself a goal of reading 100 books in one year. I think she had heard me talk about my reading challenge and wanted to give herself a similar goal. She didn't think 52 books was enough, so aimed for 100. 

Every time she read a book, I kept track for her on LibraryThing,  using the tag "celeste log 2014". 

She read many different types of books, novels, graphic novels, comic books, and some non fiction. 

The grand total for the year is 133 books! I am so happy for her. All these books were read for her own enjoyment, not one of these titles was "required reading", which I think makes it awesome! 

Here are two quick screen shots of the books she read. You can see the actual list here: Celeste Log 2014.

She is giving herself the same challenge this year again! 

I am very happy for her. She didn't always like to read. She was a late reader and struggled until about two years ago. This 2014 book list as I mentioned has many types of books. She loves My Little Pony comics and Garfield! Any books she enjoys is a great book in my opinion. 


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