Documented Life Project ~ Week Three & a Gift Made by my Son

Week three of the Documented Life Project! The prompts this week were the colour wheel for the art challenge and the journal prompt "I found I could say things with colour and shapes that I couldn't say any other way..." Georgia O'Keeffe. The January theme continues. 

Check all the details at the Art to the 5th.

Before writing about this week's journal page, I want to share with you what my son made for me in his carpentry class. Proud mama moment!

A couple of weeks ago, he asked me to pick a project for him to make. I gave him a couple of suggestions. I showed him this idea. He has been really enjoying his carpentry class at the local senior high school and made a few team projects (a chair, a side table) but hasn't brought any home, letting other students take them instead. 

This past week, he came home with this awesome washi tape holder! 

It spins and comes apart so I can put the washi tape on and off. 

I am able to use this as a washi tape dispenser. There is a lot of room for many more washi tapes...

I love it and so happy with his project! 

This week's prompts inspired me to make a colour chart of watercolours. It is a simple page but I really like it and now I have a reference chart for all the watercolours in my paint box. 

I added a quote about colour to the page, in colourful pens. Simple and clean. 

The process of working on these art journal pages is so relaxing. I am loving every moment. A cup of nice herbal tea, sometimes a favourite show on Netflix (Mad Men this time), and playing with colours.


  1. wow! Andre rocks! what a great gift! I could use one....have a great week!

  2. Wow! That is the best washi tape dispenser ever! He should make more! ;)

    I just got my journal in the mail yesterday - hope to get some time to start today as I am behind by three weeks but so excited to do this. Thanks for blogging about it - you have me hooked! :)


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