Documented Life Project ~ Week Two

The January theme continues for the documented life project, which is "the blank page and how to face it", and week two's challenge for the art page is "gesso". There is also a journal prompt, a quote by Mary Shelley "the beginning is always today". 

The prompts and examples can be seen at Art to the 5th

I was a little lost at first with the journal prompt, but I decided to find some other quotes about beginning that inspired me more than the one mentioned. Because I use an agenda/planner, I am not writing a lot as if it was a journal. I do use my agenda to record every day life events, checking off my daily yoga practice, and this past week I recorded what I ate every day too. 

Since it was so cold last week, I decided to do a page with a bit of a winter theme. 

I chose a winter scene from an old Cricket magazine and applied gesso all over it. I had not worked with this before and played around a bit. I tried using some of our stamps but they didn't work very well. I played with the brush, trying to give a bit more texture to the page. 

Once the gesso was dried, I used acrylic paint to do a background. 

I cut a few circles from the pages I used in the magazine. Once the paint was dry, I glued them down. I then added the quotes and doodled circles around the circles and added a bit more gesso with my finger on the circles so the colours wouldn't be as bright. 

Some photos from the process: 

The main page: 

The second smaller page: 

Roben-Marie Smith


  1. Love seeing your process and that you can still write about your days a bit in the margin. I like the word ‘snow’ and the snowflakes showing through on the circles. It’s a good visual of what’s been happening outside! Can’t wait until the year is over to see it all finished! That being said - I don’t want to jump the gun here and have our year zoom by! :0


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