Nor'easter on the Island + a Giveaway!

This week, Prince Edward Island was hit with a blizzard, some called it winter storm Juno. The US East Coast of the United States and Atlantic Canada experienced this blizzard. Wikipedia has an interesting page on the January 2015 Nor'easter and CBC News explains what nor'easters are and how they form. 

It arrived Tuesday morning on the island and gave us our first shut-down of the year. Prince Edward Island pretty much closes down during bad winter storms. Schools, government offices, and many businesses do not tempt nature and instead choose to keep everyone safe and off the roads. The Nor'easter winds were powerful during this storm and we had quite a bit of snow too. 

We all stayed home Tuesday, even my husband came back home midday from work. It was a quiet day filled with warm tea, reading books, and good doses of video games and TV for my teens and husband. Lucky for them, the power stayed on. 

The dangerous effect of winter storms like this one is the very poor visibility, as you can see in the photo below. We could barely see past our neighbour's yard. 

A fun and interesting tradition on the island and Atlantic Canada, when a big storm is coming, is to stock up on "Storm Chips". I had no idea about this until we moved here. The idea is that before a storm, essentials need to be organized like water and food supplies, batteries, etc...but many also stock up on chips! Huffington Post rounded up many twitter photos last year in an article about the hashtag #stormchips in the Maritimes.  Friends pointed out to me this week that one of my instagram photos (under lifeonisland) was featured in that article!

Potato Snacks for our "storm chips"

The blizzard gave us a lot of snow drifts. Wednesday morning, from our front door, the view was like this:  

Celeste and I went to fix the bird feeder and she loved playing in the snow drifts in our backyard. 

The Canadian Homeschooler has compiled great blog posts well worth reading from the Canadian Homeschool Bloging Team . A lot of great ideas there to enjoy the winter months with your family, many which can apply to all families, not just homeschooling. The Canadian Homeschooler is also hosting a great giveaway of Winter Learning eBooks from On the Mark Press.  I suggest making a nice cup of tea and visiting Lisa's great post

Homeschooling Through the Winter 


  1. glad you made it through the storm relatively unscathed! we only had 2 inches... a lot of hype in upstate NY!

  2. oh goodness a snow day inside with the family sounds so perfect. Cozy and all kinds of wonderful! Super cool your photo made it as part of the pst news! Also I got your letter yesterday. I knew it was you, I love that I know your writing!! xo

    your friend

  3. Well, it might be a LOT of snow to handle, but it sure is beautiful! <3 @rebehack

  4. Stocking up on chips eh? :) That made me smile. People do that around here to. when a storm hits the grocery stores are busy. :)


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