Peace ~ My Word for 2015

2015 is here! A new year means a new word to focus on. This is my fourth year choosing a word. If you are interested, you can read about my choices for previous years: adventure for 2012, love for 2013, and shine for 2014

I choose a word that speaks to me. By using the Unraveling the Year Ahead workbooks for the last few years, I have been able to closely look back on the current year and look ahead to the following one. These have been very helpful and at times emotional. This year, Susannah offered help with finding our words with a series of emails. Both were a great experience to work through. 

My word this year is PEACE. 

Peace is always beautiful. Walt Whitman.

Until the last day of 2014, I had three top words: peace, harmony, clarity. Two of these are synonyms to each other so it was pretty clear to me what word I had to choose. I chose peace because it is the simplest. 

Nothing can bring you peace but yourself. Ralph Waldo Emerson. 

Peace has several meanings for me:

* peace is a calm content feeling
* peace is a lack of anxiety and anger, both felt and given
* peace in an environment, at home and for the earth
* peace is freedom from oppressive emotions
* peace is quiet and tranquility
* peace is acceptance
* peace is knowing clarity
* peace is given, towards other humans, and also animals (vegan/raw choices)
* peace is felt through meditation and the practice of yoga

Peace begins with a smile. Mother Theresa.

Some of these meanings I need to work on, others I want to continue practicing. It should be an interesting and hopefully peaceful year. I don't give myself resolutions, but my choice of word spills naturally into concrete goals and things I want to focus on. Here are a few:

* I am starting the year with 30 days of yoga hosted by Yoga with Adriene. I hope this will kickstart a yoga habit.
* I am recommitting myself to follow a vegan diet which is the best for me and my body. The last month really showed me that this is what I need. 
* I am learning again about raw food preparations with The Rawtarian. I have fallen in love with her website and courses. As a side note, I met her last year at a local PEI twitter meet and she is as lovely in person as in her videos. 
* I am investing in my marriage by purposely taking time to be with my husband, going on simple dates and being a better friend to him. 

Do not let the behaviour of others destroy your inner peace. Dalai Lama.

As I did last year for my word shine, I created a Pinterest board to help keep focus on my word throughout the year. Friends sent me many pins last year of shine related quotes and art, and I am so grateful! Shine was a great word and in so many ways, it was a very shine-filled year! 

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  1. A beautiful word. As are your intentions!

  2. I love the Pinterest board idea. I may "borrow" that one as well. ;)

  3. Nice work. Sometimes I think that I could use a little more peace in my life too. Very well done. :D

  4. Peace be with you! And above you, and below you, and within you! Enjoy the journey!

  5. I think your word for this year will open up amazing experiences and opportunities for you to be who you are and grow into who you want to be. I love your list for the year and I can relate as yoga is a big part of my life as well as the eating part (some of the same cookbooks too!). I have many raw cookbooks and an amazing dehydrator and I have to say that when I eat mostly raw I have more energy and think better. My body rejoices and so I know it's the best way for me. It can be a challenge so of course I do eat some yummy cooked foods that warm my belly and soul!

    Happy 2015! It's going to be so amazing for you! xx


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